Tru-Test MP600 Load Bars


With a total capacity of 4,400lbs, Tru-Test MP800 load bars are designed to be used under a variety of single animal portable applications, including alleyway platforms, cages, or small animal crates.



  • 4,400lb total capacity.
  • Only requires a firm level surface and a rigid crate or platform.
  • Can be used with any weigh scale in the Tru-Test range without calibration.
  • Galvanized steel housing protects the bar in the tough agricultural environment.
  • Can be temporarily installed and easily transported between different weighing sites.
  • Sealed load cell protects the load cell against moisture damage allowing the load bars to remain outside.
Foot Pad Dimensions 6.69″ x 3.94″
Cable Length 16 1/2′
Load Cell Type Aluminum Shear Beam
Bar Section Width 3″
Accuracy +/- 1% or 2 Resolutions, Whichever is Greater
Weight 33lbs Per Pair
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