Adjustable Alley

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  • Available in 8’ and 16’ lengths.
  • Both sides adjust to keep animal centered to working chute.
  • Solid vertical sides to keep animals moving easily and eliminate climbing.
  • Sides sheeted to 52” off the ground and fully caulked to dampen noise and prevent rust.
  • Vertical sides adjust in to 12’ and out to 30” using same squeeze mechanism as our chutes.
Overall Height 7′ 4″
Overall Width 3′ 9″
Width Open 2′ 6″
Width Closed 12″5′
Side Height 5′ 10″
Overall Length 16′
Weight 1650 lbs

We love our Pearson. Easy to use and built to last!

Sawyer Strzok


Love Pearson. There is no better!

Randy Thompson


Best cattle equipment on the market! Durable and easy to use.

Flambeau Mountain Angus

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