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Pearson Livestock Equipment, founded by Bud Pearson, began as a family operated business to build equipment that was designed for both cattle and cattlemen. With a focus on safety and usability, Bud transformed the cattle handling industry with innovative equipment including the self-catch headgate and straight-sided squeeze chute.

Bud’s vision for the cattle handling industry was made a reality through the craftsmanship and work ethic of the many dedicated people who build Pearson products. Each piece of Pearson equipment is built by hand in the USA.

We continue to follow in Bud’s footsteps, focusing on quality, simplicity, and innovation to deliver equipment that lasts generations.    

Bud Pearson
L. B. "Bud" Pearson builds the first self-catch, automatic headgate in his ranch shop south of Thedford, Nebraska.
Patent for Pearson Headgate
Bud Pearson receives the patent for his self-catch headgate.
Pearson Livestock Equipment Thedford Nebraska Facility
Bud builds the first Pearson Livestock Equipment manufacturing facility in Thedford, NE .
Pearson Livestock Equipment is incorporated.
Pearson Parallel Squeeze Chute
The straight-sided squeeze chute, a totally new concept, along with a palpation cage and chute trailer is developed and added to the Pearson product line.
Pearson Livestock Equipment is granted a patent on the straight-sided squeeze chute.
Pearson Livestock Equipment Adjustable Alley and Sweep Tub
Pearson Livestock Equipment adds the adjustable alley and working tub to the product line.
Jack and Gail Johnson Purchase Pearson Livesock Equipment
Jack and Gail Johnston buy Pearson Livestock Equipment from Bud Pearson. Jack began working for Pearson's in 1971 as a welder, later becoming assistant shop foreman and assisting in design and sales.
Powder Coating Facility Added to Thedford
The Thedford, Nebraska plant is upgraded with a powder coating facility.
Pearson Livestock Equipment Vernon Texas Facility Built
Ricky and David Rater purchase Pearson Livestock Equipment from Jack and Gail Johnston.
The Rater's open the Vernon, TX manufacturing facility.
All operations are consolidated into the Vernon, Texas plant.

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