Original Manual Chute

Our Original Manual Chute gets back to the basics of the Pearson brand, offering a simple, high quality manual squeeze chute at an affordable price.

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  • Brisket bar optional.
  • Parallel squeeze from 9” out to 30”
  • Full exit on right side of animal for side or emergency exit.
  • Controls are kept simple, out of the way, and are fully reversible
  • Sold with our self-catch headgate and vertical aluminum tailgate.
  • Easy access to animal with convenient wing gates, removable side boards, and neck door on both sides.
  • Original Manual Chute is commonly paired with the Pearson palpation cage and scale system (not compatible with Pearson wheel kit).


Overall Height
Overall Width
Width Open
Width Closed
Side Height
Overall Length
Weight lbs

Best cattle equipment on the market! Durable and easy to use.

Flambeau Mountain Angus


We bought our first chute in the early 80’s and replaced it a few years ago. Vaccinating, preg checking and calving all go smoothly especially with the side open gate.

Ovenell CK


Pearson chutes are one of the best chutes for cattle working. Very little maintenance and very functional.  Personally know several others who would say the same thing.  Safety of cattle and operator are an exceptional feature as well.

Matt Crosthwait, Stillwater OK

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