Manual Head Control

Whether you’re ear tagging or administering intranasal vaccinations, the Manual Head Control stabilizes the animal’s head securely and safely.

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  • Unique locking mechanism holds animal’s head.
  • Mounts to opposite side of working side of the chute.
  • Completely opens to allow full functionality of the headgate.
  • Can be mounted to any Pearson headgate (note headgate type when ordering).
  • Gives you a safe and easy way to stabilize the animal’s head for ear tagging or other head work.
Overall Height
Overall Width
Width Open
Width Closed
Side Height
Overall Length
Weight lbs

I have personally used and owned two Pearson head catches for decades. They are rugged and easy to use. Little up-keep. Great products.

Susan Burklund


Best addition money can buy is the X-Force head catcher.

Sean Martin

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