Gravity Headgate

Our Gravity Headgate’s innovative design uses gravity to help open the headgate, up to 30″ wide, making it the ideal choice for mixed temperament herds, horned animals, and large bulls.

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  • Adjustable and reversible controls.
  • Opens up to 30” wide and closes to 3-7/8” wide.
  • Ideal for mixed temperament herds, horned animals, and will hold large bulls down to the smallest calves.
  • This gate is built for easy maintenance. Friction latching mechanism is easy and economical to replace when worn.
  • Key points strengthened and reinforced with bushings/large bolts to make this gate 20% heavier than competing designs.
Overall Height 6′ 1″
Overall Width 3′ 6″ (without handle)
Width Open 2′ 6″
Width Closed 3-7/8″
Side Height
Overall Length
Weight 385 lbs
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