Choice XL Hydraulic Chute

The longer length of our Choice XL Hydraulic Chute includes an adjustable width palpation section with doors built into each side of the chute frame to eliminate space for calves to turn around.

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  • Top-mounted power requires 110V or 220V power supply.
  • Brisket bar standard to keep animal from going down in the chute.
  • Controls located at top of frame or on drop arm to move to waist level.
  • Full side exit on right or both sides of animal for emergency or side release.
  • Includes high quality hydraulic headgate, head sweep, parallel squeeze, and tailgate.
  • Remote power also available in 110V, 220V, or gas. Includes power cart and extra hose.
  • Choice Hydraulic Chute is commonly paired with the Pearson wheel kit for portability and scale systems.
  • Louvers on both sides of the chute to allow cattle to focus on the headgate opening rather than the workers around the chute.
  • Simple and convenient options for animal access, including neck access doors, branding gates, and removable bottom boards.


Overall Height
Overall Width
Width Open
Width Closed
Side Height
Overall Length
Weight lbs

We had a Powder River chute but now I wonder how we ever got anything done with it. Bought a Pearson XL about two years ago and wouldn’t trade it for anything! The XL handles calves and big cows just as easy. Seems I end up working some by myself a lot and the self-catch works great! We were at Producers Coop Expo a couple of years ago and compared the Pearson chute to Priefert and Powder River. After looking all of them over and speaking with Ricky Rater, it didn’t take long to have him write up the XL for us and now we have a Cadillac of a working chute. The XL should last us a lifetime; [the] only reason I would think of getting rid of it would be if we sold all our cattle and closed down the ranch!

Bruce Burnett

Love Pearson. There is no better!

Randy Thompson

Our XL chute handles calves as well as the cows and bulls!

Bruce Burnett

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