Bison Hydraulic Chute

Combining rugged construction with our trademark simplicity and hydraulic features, our Bison Hydraulic Chute is strong, durable, and easy to operate.

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  • Drop arm controls for easy access.
  • Chute wing gates are sheeted on operator side only.
  • Hydraulic headsweep, headgate, squeeze, and tailgate.
  • Removable side boards for access to bottom half of animal.
  • Neck door on both sides for access to neck/shoulder area of animal.
  • Crash gate swings back to access the head and release animal forward.
  • Single side exit on right side of animal. Double side exits also available.
  • Removable brisket bar keeps animal from going down inside the chute.
  • Top mounted power wired for 220V or 110V. Remote power also available.
  • Straight wall design eliminates wedging and allows bison to move forward freely.


Overall Height 7′ 2.5″
Overall Width 3′ 8″
Width Open 2′ 6″
Width Closed 10″
Side Height 6′ 5.5″
Overall Length 10′ 8″
Weight Approximately 2,500lbs
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