Our Prime Chutes Offer New, Premium Features

Pearson Prime Chutes Featured Image

When our customers talk, we listen.

We know what they like and don’t like and consider each suggestion we hear. When we started getting requests for additional access options and quieter operation, we did something about it.

Enter the Pearson Prime and Pearson Prime XL chutes.

Our newest, premium-level cattle handling chutes — like all Pearson chutes — feature parallel squeeze, the same heavy-duty floor with scale and portability options, and the same headgate and tailgate options.

New features include:

  • A quiet neck door placed perfectly to administer injections in the BQA triangle.
  • A viewing port through the neck door, so the user can see the headgate through the neck door.
  • Heavy duty wing open doors in the bottom half of the chute. The door is a 60/30 split, with the long door in the back. This setup allows for easy castration or encouraging a calf to nurse. Opening both doors is ideal for semen testing. For those who are well versed in traditional Pearson design, these doors replace the removable boards found on the standard Pearson chute.
  • A rump ratchet allows the user to encourage the animal forward and prevents cattle from backing up in the chute.
  • Extra quiet, redesigned butterfly-style wing gates that open wide for full access to the top half of an animal.

The Prime XL is the same chute as the Prime, but longer and taller. The extra length and height give outstanding access to the rear of the animal. Picture it this way: a six-foot-tall person with a cowboy hat on can walk through there without ducking or turning sideways.

The Prime chute with a self-catch headgate and bifold tailgate weighs 1,740 pounds and the Prime XL with the same headgate and tailgate options is 2,230. Both chutes are built strong, flexible and large so they can be used for the entire herd — from the calf up to the mature herd bull.

Do you have a question about this chute or others in our lineup? Drop it in the comments below or give us a call.

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