Bison Tub

Designed with heavy-duty steel, our Bison Tub’s rugged design will withstand years of use.

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  • Catwalks with ladders available.
  • ½” viewing crack between all panels.
  • All tubs fully sheeted to a height of 7’8”.
  • All tubs are sheeted and fully caulked for sound dampening and rust prevention.
  • Crowding tub available in full 180 degree tub (4 section) or smaller 3 section tub.
  • Opening at rear of tub gives animal a clear view when entering from the holding area.


Overall Height 8′ 7″
Overall Width 11′ 4″
Width Open
Width Closed
Side Height 7′ 8″
Overall Length 22′ 8″
Weight 2,340lbs
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